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11 August 2009 @ 07:05 pm
Hi, my name is Fabiana I'm 20 years old. 1-is going to be a year since a broke with my boyfriend and I can't stop think about him, we break up for good, and we dicide to be friends, but I just can't stop dream about him. I want to know if I should talk to him about my feelings.
1- love
I'm currently without a job and I can't attend college because my legal statue. And I want to know if in the future or this year I'm going to be legal and get a job.
2- future
I'm good in health but I want to know if I should started to care about myself more or everything is okey.
3- health

Thank you, fabiana
30 April 2008 @ 02:09 am
 there are many questions i could ask, but for now..

will i find love in the future.

thank you =]
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25 March 2008 @ 02:55 pm
 What steps do I need to take to get a job I love and that makes a difference?
15 March 2008 @ 08:29 pm
My dears. I'm so sorry I have leave my co-mod alone in this. First, I was on vacation and unable to get online and then, I had a surgery to lose weight. This past week I have been recovering from the surgery, but from the next week I promise to be back to the readings you have asked.

I want to thank my co-mod and said I'm sorry again.

Peace and blessings for all.
14 March 2008 @ 01:13 am
I'm having difficulty finding my path in relation to higher education. I'm 20 years old and currently taking a break because I'm find little point in college when I don't have a major. I'm working a dead end waitressing job that I hate just to make money for now .I need to know what I would be best suited for and what profession would best fulfill me spiritually and give me the financial stability and dependence so that I can settle on a path and begin moving forward instead of stagnating. Please help!
11 March 2008 @ 02:37 pm
Hello Friends,

I come to you with a question.

I find myself feeling not at home in any of the churches I attend. I plan to get married in a year and a half, so we will need to find a church we like. Ron (fiance) currently goes to a church, which I used to go to also, but I feel the priest there is judgmental, and possibly some of the parishioners, too. I did love that church, though. I tried changing churches, and my younger son agreed to change with me. But he ended up dropping out, and now when I go to that church, I think of being sad that he no longer goes.

I miss going to church, but when I get up Sunday mornings to get ready, I get anxiety. It used to feel like it was a warm, inviting place to be. And now I don't feel that way. I don't know if it's just in my head, or what.

My older son is a pantheist, and my younger son is not sure what he believes.. leaning toward Buddism, I think.  I am a Catholic.  Always have been.  But I feel a bit  "burned" by feeling like an outcast, because of living with my fiance, when my annulment is not complete.  If you don't understand all of that... it's okay.  I just need to know if this will all get settled in a timely manner for the wedding, and any other information/insight into this matter.

Okay, I hope that didn't all sound weird!

And, thanks!

~ Renee
29 February 2008 @ 05:02 pm
Sorry I'm so far behind.

I just had an extremely busy week at work - and have just now (hopefully) finished the very busy work.

I will now try to catch up on the entries that I am behind on.
23 February 2008 @ 05:13 pm
Hello, I would first like to say that this is  a great idea!

Anyway I was wondering about my love situation. I was wondering if I have already met someone I will have a relationship with. Or if I will have one soon.

Sorry if that was not specific enough.
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09 February 2008 @ 07:34 am
Lots going on. I don't know where to start.

Wants (NOT in that order):
1.Good health.
2.Buel Blast
5.'92 Dodge Stealth or PT Cruiser or '85 Firebird
6. Love

1. I am a cancer survivor. 1 year. I don't have health insurance and I can't afford to go back for my check-ups, etc. I am also in pain every day from... something! I have no idea why I hurt like this. My joints hurt. My muscles ache. My wrists hurt like hell (I know where that is coming from.. I have tendonitis and I can't afford the steroid shot to make them feel better)

2. I have an opportunity to get a motorcycle. I want to have some fun! Life is too short to sit here in this tiny trailer day after day. I don't want to die with regrets. If I don't get it, will I regret it? This is a deal of a lifetime. I can actually afford the payments.

3. I live in a 30 foot camp trailer. I want a house with indoor plumbing. I want a place with a seperate bedroom with a door. I want a garage so I can quit making storage unit payments every month. I want a washer and dryer. I want a real table and chairs. I want a couch. I want a space for an altar. I want a house!

4. I want enough money to get me out of debt AND allow me to live comfortably. ("Comfortably" means having enough food to eat every single day. I'm tired of being hungry. It means having enough money to buy a little extra 'something' every once in a while. I'm not talking anything big. A new pair of jeans once a year is a luxury I would love to be able to afford. I haven't bought new clothes since before I had cancer)

5. I want a car that I enjoy driving. I have to transport my client to and from doctor's appointments and things like that. I want a car that she is comfortable in, too. The car I have doesn't have a door handle on the inside passenger door, the back door doesn't open, and the driver's door locks itself at the weirdest times. The windshield is cracked. There is an exhaust leak.

6. I want someone to love who loves me. I'm not talking living together or marriage. I just someone that I can call when I break down alongside the road. I want someone who feels comfortable enough to call me when they need something. I want to feel that special feeling when I look into someone's eyes and see him looking back at me with the same look.

So, I'm not asking for a reading for every one of my wants and needs. I just want a general life reading. Are things getting better or worse? What should I be doing to make things better and help me get what I want out of life? Is there a general trend I should be looking for?

I hope this all makes sense.
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05 February 2008 @ 09:40 am
I was just terminated from my job maybe 20 minutes ago.  i was told that my last day would be Sunday.

Can you elaborate as to why it was done?  Because frankly the reason that was given was a completely bullshit reason.

Thank you!